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What You Need To Obtain a Home-Based FFL

What You Need To Obtain a Home-Based FFL

Have you ever thought about running your firearm business from home or online? You might be surprised to learn that home-based FFLs are entirely legal, and the process is straightforward.

A home-based federal firearm license will allow you to legally sell and transfer firearms at your residence or over the Internet. Home-based FFL requirements are like obtaining an FFL, but we’ve put together a guide on what you need to obtain a home-based FFL. 

The Types of FFL Licenses

There are currently nine different types of FFL licenses. You need to know which one you want to acquire before applying for your license. 

The nine types are:

  • Type 01 – Firearm Dealer/Gunsmith
  • Type 02 – Pawnbroker
  • Type 03 – Collector
  • Type 06 – Ammunition Manufacturer
  • Type 07 – Firearm Manufacturer
  • Type 08 – Importer of Firearms
  • Type 09 – Dealer of Destructive Devices 
  • Type 10 – Manufacturer of Destructive Devices
  • Type 11 – Importer of Destructive Devices

Requirements for a Home-Based FFL

To get a home-based FFL, you must meet the following requirements:

  • You must be at least 21 years old and legally able to buy/own firearms.
  • You must have a business with clear intentions. It would be best to have a business and the business license providing your employee identification numbers or the sole proprietor.
  • You must follow federal law, the gun control act, and its regulations.
  • You must have a property for conducting business in the proper local and state zones.

Things the Applicant Must Confirm

The applicant must also be able to confirm the following:

  • They will not conduct business until they’ve met state and local requirements.
  • The applicant sent a form to their local chief of law enforcement officer stating where their business is located and notifying the officer of their intentions to apply for an FFL.
  • The applicant stores their firearms in secure gun storage or has safety devices available where the guns are sold.

If you don’t have a traditional business location, you can still apply for a home-based FFL. As long as you follow local zoning, don’t use your FFL for personal use, and comply with the FFL rules, you’re eligible for a home-based license.

After you’ve reviewed the requirements and you are sure you’re in the clear, you’ll need to create a business plan to ensure that you’re making the best choices and getting the correct license. Enroll in an online course to ensure that you stay up to date with FFL laws and regulations. Enrolling in an FFL course will also give you access to firearm professionals and lawyers. 

Obtaining a home-based FFL may seem intimidating, but it’s simple when you meet the requirements and follow the regulations and procedures. Soon, you’ll be on your way to obtaining your FFL license.

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