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Our Products & Services

FFL Dealers-Ammo Dealers

Electronic Transfer, Inc. prides itself on catering to the unique needs of businesses operating in the firearms industry. With a commitment to responsible transactions and compliance, our specialized processing service enables firearms businesses to accept electronic payments while adhering to industry regulations and safety measures.

Mobile Credit Card Processing

Introducing our innovative mobile credit card processing solution – a game-changer for businesses on the move. Our platform equips you with the tools you need to effortlessly transform your smartphone or tablet into a secure, portable payment terminal.

Online Credit Card Processing

ETI provides a platform that is meticulously crafted to meet the evolving needs of e-commerce enterprises, providing a seamless payment experience for both businesses and their customers.

Phone & Mail Order Merchant Services

Our specialized credit card processing solution tailored to meet the unique needs of mail order and phone order merchants.  We understand the challenges faced by businesses that primarily operate through mail-in or phone-in transactions. Our solution is designed to streamline your payment processes, enhance customer experiences, and ensure secure and compliant transactions.

Retail Merchants

State-of-the-art technology for your physical storefront. The perfect solution for traditional businesses looking for a faster, easier way to authorize and manage credit, A, and check guarantee transactions. Get the lowest processing rates available if your business swipes at least 70% of its transactions.

Adult-Health Clubs-Monthly Memberships

Health clubs often utilize monthly memberships as their main form of billing. Electronic Transfer. Inc.  can provide seamless automated billing, ensuring that your members are charged consistently each month.

High Risk

Our credit card processing is tailored to businesses operating in industries that are often classified as high risk due to factors such as chargeback rates, industry regulations, or product nature.  ETI empowers businesses to accept electronic payments while effectively managing the unique challenges associated with high-risk transactions.

Donation Billing/Non-Profit 501C

Non-profits often manage complex billing structures, including donations, membership fees, and event registrations. Flexible payment processing solutions are vital to accommodate one-time donations and recurring contributions. ETI offers multiple payment channels, such as online, mobile, and even traditional methods that broadens accessibility for supporters to support your mission.


Nutraceutical credit card processing goes beyond typical payment processing by catering to the unique demands of the health and wellness sector. It empowers nutraceutical businesses to provide a seamless, secure, and trustworthy payment experience to health-conscious consumers, fostering growth and success in this competitive market.

Shopping Cart Solutions

Introducing our advanced credit card processing integration, specifically designed to enhance your shopping cart solution. Our platform seamlessly integrates with your e-commerce website, offering a robust set of tools that includes advanced fraud detection mechanisms to protect your business from fraudulent transactions, minimizing chargebacks and fraudulent activities.

Point of Sale Software

Electronic Transfer’s Point of Sale (POS) Software solution integrates cutting-edge technology with secure credit card processing.  Our solution enhances customer experiences, streamlines operations, and drives business growth in today’s competitive landscape.

ALT-ACH Processing (pay by check)

ETI offers a new dimension of payment options for your business by incorporating alternative payment methods.  By creating a more inclusive and customer-centric experience, your business will attract a broader range of customers while streamlining transactions and reducing processing costs.