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Credit Card Processing for Non-Profits

Non-profit organizations need versatile services that enable them to accumulate details about benefactors and sponsors, besides payment data– and sell a product or establish recurring contributions.

Thankfully, if you are a non-profit company, you can sometimes lower your credit card processing prices by asking! (Note: You’ll need to give evidence of your 501(c) standing.) If your existing processor does not wish to offer you a reduced rate, you should begin looking around at several of the various other options.

Lots of big non-profits that process countless contributions amounting to millions of dollars per year use such systems as well as consider them integral components of their economic systems.


– Processes tailored to nonprofit’s demands
– Processor invisible to the donor
– Client partnership monitoring
– Combination of economic systems


– Relatively expensive
– Not scaled to little nonprofit needs
– Minimal number of firms to choose from

Your organization’s members will be able to pay their fees online if you accompany it with non-profit payment processing. You’ll be making memberships much more appealing with this included comfort.

You can raise much more money to place toward your cause if you’re interested in offering your goods online. Credit card processing for non-profits can help with online purchases, making it much easier to reach your fundraising goal.

If your nonprofit hosts many fundraising events, offering your tickets online might be an excellent enhancement to your usual practice. By using credit card processing for non-profits from Electronic Transfer, you can gather the profit from selling your tickets online.

PCI (Payment Card Industry) conformity is a protection criterion that applies in initiatives to shield both your company and also your benefactors during an on-line sale.

Your non-profit credit card processing needs to be PCI compliant to accept online donations as well as to keep all your information secure.

Plus, being PCI compliant comforts your benefactors that their details are safe when giving them away. It will avoid abandoned contributions as a result of insecure platforms!

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