Pawn Shop Credit Card Processing

Pawn Shop Credit Card Processing

Looking for Pawn Shop Merchant Account Solutions?

Electronic Transfer Inc. is the right credit card processing partner for your business, and we know how difficult it can be to find a good processing solution. We specialize in FFL dealers, pawn shops, ammo dealers, and much more. Despite the stigma of pawn shops selling stolen merchandise, we know that it only makes up one-tenth of one percent of all pawned products, that is why ETI doesn’t view pawn shops as high risk. We make it easy to set up a merchant account, one without the added costs of paying high-risk processing fees that other processing companies may charge.

Pawn shops typically sell high price items (average price above $100), with a large discount below the products’ original retail price when purchased new. High ticket transactions are particularly susceptible to so-called “friendly fraud” and pose a chargeback risk to the credit card processor. Many pawn shop businesses sell their merchandise online (either as their primary sales channel or as an ancillary channel to their local retail sales).

Due to the nature of online sales not being face-to-face, there is a higher risk of fraud and chargebacks. Pawn shops are subject to certain types of consumer protection regulations & reviewing, compliance requires extra underwriting and due diligence by the pawn shop’s credit card processor.

Due to these risks, many merchant service providers decline pawn shops. ETI says Yes!

We have multiple options for pawn shop merchant accounts designed to provide competitive credit card processing solutions for you to take your business online. If you’re in need of an account like this one, then contact us today and we can have you processing in as little as 2 – 3 business days.

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