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Electronic Transfer, Inc. has been a Leader in Credit Card Processing Since 1989. We Have a Perfect A+ BBB Rating With No Complaints. This is Unheard of in Our Industry!

We have 30+ Years Experience working with companies just like yours so call us today toll free 1-800-757-5453.

Many of our customers say, “Where have you guys been?” We approve 98% of all applications submitted.

Credit Card Terminal + Built-in Thermal Printer, Payment Gateway, Mobile Payments & Just About Any New Payment System You’ll Ever Need!

Dial-Up & IP Connectivity – EMV Certified – WiFi Capable – PCI Approved – Apple Pay – Google Wallet – Mobile Payments and More…

A recent article in Entrepreneur.com spells out the number one reason you should accept credit cards – it increases the probability, speed, and size of customer purchases. Credit card processing can also lower your risks, and increase the likelihood of impulse purchases being made. In fact, Forbes wrote that when people are given more payment options, they’re more likely to not only make impulse purchases, but also spend 40% more per purchase.

There are NO programming skills needed, NO hidden costs and NO runarounds. We’re known for our outstanding customer service, so we’ll help you and stay behind you every step of the way!

We’ve set up thousands of merchant accounts since 1989 so we’ll be here if you have any issues with your credit card processing. Most merchants are very surprised when they find out how much we can really save them. It doesn’t matter if you’re just starting out or doing millions we’ll show you what we can do for your business!

We’re real Americans answering the phone! Unlike other merchant account providers, we don’t put you through voice mail hell. Call right now by calling 1-800-757-5453 and see for yourself!

Do you already accept credit cards online? Are you a small business with questionable credit? Do you have a large multimillion dollar company that needs to save money or needs another merchant account to cut your risk? If you’re a legal, US business, we have a merchant account solution for YOU!

Visa, Mastercard, Discover, American Express, Check Cards, Debit Cards, Gift Cards

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What Our Clients Say

Credit Card Processing Services

Certified Credit Card Processing Networks

Payment Gateway allows merchants to accept credit cards and other forms of payment in a secure, real-time environment directly from their   website, through Mobile devices and directly from their place of business. Realtime authorizations ensure the validity and accuracy of each transaction and merchants get the added convenience of having funds deposited

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Fastcharge Authorize.net Emulator

DESCRIPTION: The Authorize.Net Emulator allows merchants to use the Authorize.Net payment module that is available in most third party shopping carts. Simply change the ‘POST TO’ URL within the Authorize.Net payment module to point to Fastcharge’s gateway and your account will be up and running Authorizenet emulation within a few minutes. INSTRUCTIONS: Locate the

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Credit Card Imprinters

Information on Credit card imprinters – Credit card imprinter – If you have any questions about Credit card imprinters – Credit card imprinter please feel free to ask us! For Mail Order / Telephone Order merchants without a web site the Fast Charge Payment GatewayTM Virtual Terminal provides a convenient way

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Debit Card Pin Pads

There are several debit card pin pads on the market. Pin pads include products from VeriFone, Hypercom and Nurit. If there isn’t a debit card pin pad on this list there’s a good chance we can get it for you.   With the Nurit 202 PIN Pad you can accept debit card

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Credit Card Processing Resellers

Merchant Service Agent & ISO Program The Electronic Transfer, Inc. Merchant Account Agent & ISO credit card processing reseller program is for established merchant account reseller companies and merchant service sales agents with experience. We offer a non-exclusive revenue sharing program for your hard to place merchants such as: –

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Credit Card Processing Testimonials

It has been my genuine pleasure to work with Jane Torvik with Electronic Transfer over the past 3 plus years. Had it not been for Jane’s accute product knowledge, efficiency, & dedication to customer service I would have “shopped” for other venues. Jane’s personalized attention to my account has kept

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Travel Merchants

Information on Travel merchant accounts – If you have any questions about a Travel merchant account or Travel Agency Credit Card Processing please feel free to ask us! When searching for credit card processing and merchant account services you’ll see all kinds of offers out there that may not show

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Credit Card Processing Chargebacks

Information on Who Pays for Chargebacks? – If you have any questions about Who Pays for Chargebacks? please feel free to ask us! For Mail Order / Telephone Order merchants without a web site the Fast Charge Payment GatewayTM Virtual Terminal provides a convenient way of manually entering and processing credit

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Internet Credit Card Processing

Internet Credit Card Processing requires more security and aggressive fraud controls than retail credit card processing because the credit card cannot be verified by swiping the credit card like you do with a retail merchant account. For this reason it’s very important to deal with a company that specializes in internet transactions

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