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Virtual Terminal: Turn Your Computer into a Credit Card Terminal

Take an order by phone, fax, or mail. Then simply log into your account and enter the credit card information. It works at your office, at your home, at a tradeshow, or anywhere you have Internet access. Your Virtual Terminal verifies the CVV2 code(last three numbers on the back of the credit card) as well as the AVS (address verification system) which is the credit card billing address. This helps merchants manage and prevent fraud. The Virtual Terminal also E-Mails the Customer a Receipt Immediately Upon Approval. It also E-Mails the Merchant the Order Information at the same time.

The secure Virtual Terminal and Batch Upload features enable merchants to process credit card and/or online check transactions manually, as well as automatically from a Website Shopping Cart.


Transactions are Immediately Approved. Sales are Automatically Batched Daily.

  • Virtual Terminal¬†– Virtual Terminal provides the best solution for merchants who manually enter credit card and electronic check transactions for mail order/telephone order (MOTO) sales.
  • Batch Upload¬†– Submitting multiple transactions in a single file is an efficient way to upload credit card and electronic check transaction data from enterprise applications or other file-based systems.
  • Recurring Billing¬†– Recurring Billing Option for Online Checks and Credit Cards. Membership Dues, Subscription Fees, Monthly Hosting, and Karate Schools are just some examples of products and services that are typically billed on a recurring basis.

Virtual Terminal suits businesses of all sizes because it reduces the complexity and expense normally associated with authorizing and processing credit card transactions. It’s also much faster than standard dial-up PC systems. Our Recurring Billing Module Offers you Ease, Speed, Convenience, plus Security on your Non-Cash Transactions.

Businesses with a FastCharge account may access the Virtual Terminal through the FastCharge Web site using any Web browser. After logging into their FastCharge account using a unique user ID and a password. Merchants can access the complete range of FastCharge services – Authorizations for purchases, credits and returns, status and activity reports, and much more.

To authorize credit card transactions, the merchant must complete an electronic form that provides the FastCharge system with the information it needs to complete the transaction. This information is encrypted using the latest Secure Socket Layer (SSL) technology and is sent to a FastCharge host server. The server then sends the data through the authorization network to the appropriate card issuer’s bank using a secure, proprietary connection. When the process is complete – this usually takes around three seconds – the merchant receives an authorization number, and the FastCharge server stores the transaction. Transactions are automatically settled each day and are typically funded within two to three business days.

Merchants can also check the status of transactions and run a variety of reports right from the FastCharge Merchant Interface.

This is a Live Credit Card Processing Test System

This is a simulation of our live Credit Card Processing system and does not apply credit card charges to any credit card number you enter. Web site developers and programmers can use this live test account to program your shopping cart or to test transactions from your web site. Or, if you would like to see how the virtual processing terminal works you can use the numbers below to perform test transactions. You can also test our free recurring billing system using these test cards as well. You can also check out all of our FREE Fraud Prevention Features:

  • Negative Account Blocking – Reject transactions from known fraudulent account numbers from over 65,000 merchants already using the FRISK system.
  • Cramming Protection – Prevent the use of credit card or ACH number generating schemes by limiting the number of transactions allowed from a given IP address.
  • Domain Blocking – Filter transactions by the Internet domain associated with the customer’s email address.
  • Country Blocking – Filter transactions by the Internet domain associated with the customer’s country code.
  • Prevent Duplicate Transactions – Track recent transactions to ensure the same transaction is not authorized more than once. This eliminates problems due to “double clicking”¬Ě the transaction submit button as well as duplicate submittal of batch transactions.
  • IP Activity Limit – Limit the number of accepted transactions from a given IP address.
  • Large Transaction Notification – This feature examines the transaction amount after the transaction has been accepted. When the amount exceeds an amount specified by the merchant an e-mail is sent notifying the merchant that the amount has exceeded the threshold. The merchant can then review the transaction, refuse the sale before any products are shipped, and credit back the consumer at a later time.
  • Address Verification (AVS) – AVS matches the known address information associated with the given credit card number against the billing address information provided by the user. If the information does not match, the transaction is declined. The merchant has the option of choosing the level of match required for an approved transaction.
  • CVV2 – CVV2, or Card Verification Value 2, is a number that is printed, not imprinted, on Visa and Mastercard. This number is never transferred during card swipes and should only be known by the cardholder, the person holding the card in their hand.
  • Reject Free Email Address – checks the e-mail address of the consumer against a database of free e-mail providers. Transactions in which the email domain of the consumer is in this database are declined. Need more information? Our experienced customer service representatives can step you through the process and answer any questions you have about processing payments on your web site. Click here to contact them

For approved test transactions use MasterCard credit card number 5454545454545454 with an expiration date of Jan 1, 2018 and a CVV2 value of 010.

For declined test transactions use Visa credit card number 4111111111111111 with an expiration date of Jan 1, 2018 and a CVV2 value of 010.

To run a test Check/ACH transaction use routing number 999999999 and checking account number 999999999999 with the amount less than $300.00.

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