Online Check Processing

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Online Check Processing

The Fast Charge Payment Gateway automatically includes a FREE online check processing set up option with each gateway license. The online check processing form will be added to the credit card form in the online virtual terminal. This option is not required and can be turned off at any time. There are no set up or monthly fees for this additional service. However, the automatic approval for eCheck/ACH processing does have some limits as follows:


 $10,000 per month auto approved.

 Maximum check average ticket is $300.00

 Higher monthly and ticket size are available with approval

 Transaction fees usually equal to merchant account fees

 Recurring billing included free same as credit cards

 Only applies to U.S. checking accounts

 Free set up only applies with the credit card option

 Contact your sales rep for a checks only option

If you need to process more then $10,000 per month in eChecks please contact us and we can give you a custom quote.

The Automated Clearinghouse (ACH) is an electronic payment delivery system. First introduced in the early 1970s as a more efficient alternative to checks, ACH has evolved into a nationwide mechanism that processes electronically originated credit and debit transfers for institutions nationwide. ACH is a rapidly growing alternative to paper checks and handles billions of payments annually.

In fact, online checks will rise in value from $300 million in 2003 to $50.2 billion this year, and will be worth $890.9 billion by 2018.

Types Of Businesses Using Online Check Processing 

  • E-commerce
  • Medical/Healthcare
  • Property Management
  • Home Services
  • Government Agencies
  • Municipal Utility Districts
  • Schools & Universities
  • Banks
  • Non-Profits
  • Fitness Clubs

When businesses overlook ACH Paperless Checks, they lose the opportunity to nearly double their Internet sales. By offering paperless check processing, businesses contribute to their bottom line by expanding their potential customer base. Many customers either do not have credit cards or they prefer to pay with checks. Now, businesses can easily accept checks online with Fast Charge. This service allows customers to securely purchase products and services using their existing checking or savings account while allowing businesses to expand their online payment options beyond credit cards.

Fast Charge is a pioneer in the transaction processing arena, and we continue to consistently provide our customers with leading edge products, ensuring every competitive advantage.

Benefits Of Taking ECheck Payments

  • Capture lost sales
  • Accept checks as easily as credit card payments over your phone or fax
  • Get paid faster
  • Set up automatic recurring billing
  • Accept installments
  • Real-time check verification
  • Robust report features
  • Lower transaction costs and fees
  • Securely monitor your accounts 24/7
  • Easily set-up recurring payments
  • Automatically re-submit NSF checks
  • Reduce your trips to the bank
  • Process from any computer, iPhone, iPad etc.

Online Check Features:

  • Comprehensive online paperless check processing – saves businesses the expense and difficulty of implementing a turnkey payment processing solution. Fast Charge provides all the service and functionality a business needs to start accepting checks online.
  • Low cost, low implementation – paperless check processing does not require an Internet merchant account, therefore businesses enjoy lower processing and transaction fees.
  • Fast Charge – provides enterprise back-office services featuring robust reporting and utility options. Fast Charge provides businesses the tools they need to effectively manage their online business.
  • Industrial-strength security screening – ensures customers 100% online purchasing security over secure socket layer (SSL).
  • Fraud and Risk Management (FRISK) – customizable fraud and risk management system that allows businesses to employ an optimal level of protection for their business. The result is maximized sales and minimized risk.
  • Dedicated support – provides advanced and reliable client support. Fast Charge gives businesses the personal attention and responsiveness they need to succeed online.

Why Accept Checks?

68% of all business payments are by check
23% of households do not have a credit card
45% of all credit card holders are within 5% of their credit limit
83% of all consumer bills are paid by check
50% of all non-cash payments are by check
10 million households without credit cards are online
174.6 million Internet check transactions in 2010
963 million Internet check transactions in 2010
Over 16 billion Internet check transactions in 2011

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(The statistics quoted above were gathered from NACHA and the U.S. Federal Reserve)

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