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When searching for credit card processing and travel merchants services you’ll see all kinds of offers out there that may not show all your true costs. It can get quite confusing when looking around and comparing all the different rates and fees merchant account companies offer you.

We recommend Electronic Transfer, Inc. for your credit card processing set up. ETI is a company that has an A+ BBB Rating, has been around since 1989 and will give you honest rates. ETI owns The Fast Charge Payment Gateway and they even answer their phone with live people!

PLUS we’re live with real people answering the phone! Unlike other Credit Card Processor and Merchant Services providers, we don’t put you through voice mail hell. Call right now by calling 1-800-757-5453 and see for yourself!

Need to process sales android credit card processing with the Android credit card terminal while you are on the road? Use the Fast Charge Payment GatewayTM Virtual Terminal to run them.

As well as offering accurate and timely authorization of customer transactions, Fast Charge Payment GatewayTM also provides the timely back-end processing necessary to settle transactions including e-mail confirmation for both merchant and customers. With Fast Charge Payment GatewayTM, funds can be transferred into your merchant bank account within two to three business days. Fast Charge Payment GatewayTM; has a secure 128 bit SSL environment which is simply the fastest and simplest method for secure payment processing.

If you have any questions about a Travel merchants or Travel Agency Credit Card Processing please feel free to ask us!

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