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What Is the Definition of a Federal Firearms License?

If you already know that dealing in firearms and ammunition is something that will be in your future, you need to know exactly what a federal firearms license (FFL) is as well as why you need one. At Electronic Transfer, we work with many clients that need FFLs in order to conduct their normal business. This article will explain the definition of a federal firearms license so that you know what you’re getting when you receive your own and what it entitles you to do.

What Is a Federal Firearms License?

The definition of a federal firearms license lays out a few important facts about what it is and what it allows the holder to do. FFLs allow people who engage in the business of firearms, ammunition, or destructive devices to do so legally. FFLs are specifically for people going into a business in which firearms, ammunition, or destructive devices encompass a large portion of that business. Personal collectors of firearms do not need an FFL. There are numerous types of FFLs that entitle the holder to engage in different business practices.

Types of FFLs

  • Dealers
    • Types 1, 2, and 9 are intended for retailers or pawnbrokers who deal in firearms and items classified as destructive devices. Type 1 FFLs are the most commonly issued FFLs across the country.
  • Manufacturers
    • Types 6, 7, and 10 allow the holder of the license to be a manufacturer of firearms, ammunition, or destructive devices. Manufacturers are defined as such because they actively create these products, as opposed to simply selling them.
  • Importers
    • Types 8 and 11 are FFLs that you need if you plan on importing firearms, ammunition, or destructive devices. You cannot engage in international deals regarding these items without one of these FFLs.
  • Collectors
    • Type 3 FFLs are specifically for people that deal in firearms and other equipment classified as curios or relics.

Requirements for FFLs

There are some basic requirements that you must meet before the government can even consider you for an FFL. Here are the most basic requirements to be aware of before you try to obtain an FFL for yourself.

  • You must be 21 or older
  • You must not be prohibited from possessing firearms for any reason
  • You cannot have willfully falsified information on your application
  • You cannot have willfully done anything to violate the Gun Control Act
  • You must have a place to conduct your business, or you must prove that you will have one relatively soon

Once you have your FFL all squared away, don’t forget to set up your FFL credit card processing system with Electronic Transfer. We make it easy for businesses like yours to get their money quickly and without any extra hassle.

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