The Benefits of a Home-Based FFL License

The Benefits of a Home-Based FFL License

Home-based FFLs are certifications allowing individuals to receive merchandise directly to their homes and also allow the opportunity to obtain products from manufacturers at wholesale prices. These licenses are beneficial to business owners looking to operate from their personal spaces and serious collectors.

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Added Convenience

While many businesses often operate and sell merchandise through a commercial property, a home-based FFL expands your options. Although you can still conduct operations on a business site, having a home-based FFL allows you to receive and ship inventory at your residence.

Discounts, Sales, and Services

Having this type of FFL allows you to take advantage of deals on auction sites and save costs on transfer fees since you’ll have a direct shipment. Home FFLs also grant you the ability to build customized products.

Provides Added Perks To Small Businesses

Home-based FFLs may provide a variety of perks to small business owners. For instance, startups can obtain NSSF memberships and attend the Shot Show. The Shot Show is an annual trade show where dealers and companies come together and showcase their business. This showcase event is the most expansive in the industry, which means a larger audience to market to.

Applying for a Home-Based FFL

As long as no zoning issues are present, you can obtain a home-based FFL quickly by ensuring you complete the following steps:

  • Meet the age and citizen requirements to obtain the certification
  • Have a location for conducting FFL operations
  • Maintain compliance with federal acts, policies, and standards
  • Complete your FFL application truthfully and to the best of your knowledge

From saving money on commutes to allowing home businesses to sell merchandise without the need for commercial property, the benefits of a home-based FFL license are extraordinary.

Now that you’re aware of the technicalities, consider establishing your business’s FFL credit card processing terminal with Electronic Transfer. We can assist you with the setup, so you’re ready to conduct business right away.