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Gift Card – Loyalty Program

Gift and loyalty cards have become a powerful sales, marketing and retention tool for merchants. By participating in Signature’s gift/loyalty card program, we enable you to take advantage of these great benefits:

  • Increased cash flow
  • Cards have no value until activated, and because they are plastic and not the paper they are difficult to counterfeit
  • Consumers often spend more than the card’s initial value
  • You retain float on the funds for an average of 90 days
  • Using promotional gift cards as a marketing tool is less expensive than using advertising space- great return on investment
  • Everybody wants gift cards. Our program makes it easy for you to fill client demand
  • Increased store traffic – gift card holders make multiple visits
  • No “backroom” accounting

Gift Cards, Loyalty Programs, Prepaid Cards, Specialty Gift Cards and Pre Paid Gift Cards.

For more information about our gift card and loyalty program, please call 1-800-757-5453

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