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High Risk

Our High-Risk Credit Card Processing solution is tailored to businesses operating in industries that are often classified as high risk due to factors such as chargeback rates, industry regulations, or product nature. ETI empowers businesses to accept electronic payments while effectively managing the unique challenges associated with high-risk transactions. We are your partner in navigating […]

Point of Sale Software

Our Point of Sale (POS) Software Credit Card Processing platform revolutionizes the way businesses handle transactions. Seamlessly integrating cutting-edge technology with secure payment processing, our solution enhances customer experiences and streamlines operations to drive business growth. From efficient transactions to detailed analytics, Electronic Transfer, Inc. is the cornerstone of modern retail and credit card processing […]


Nutraceutical credit card processing seamlessly merges the worlds of finance and wellness by offering a specialized payment solution tailored to the nutraceutical industry. ETI caters to businesses that deal with dietary supplements, vitamins, herbal products, and other health-focused merchandise. Nutraceutical credit card processing involves a secure and efficient system that enables these businesses to accept […]

Shopping Cart Solutions

In the digital age, providing customers with a smooth, secure, and hassle-free online shopping experience is paramount. ETI seamlessly integrates with your e-commerce website, offering a robust set of tools that streamline transactions, boost conversion rates, and instill trust in your customers.  Elevate your online shopping experience with our credit card processing integration for shopping […]

Mobile Credit Card Processing

With the world becoming increasingly mobile-centric, we understand the importance of offering you a way to accept payments wherever you are. Our platform equips you with the tools you need to effortlessly transform your smartphone or tablet into a secure, portable payment terminal.  Embrace the future of payment processing with our mobile credit card processing […]