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Electronic Transfer, Inc. has been saying “YES” to FFL Dealers when other Payment Processors have been turning them “off” since 2013. Since then we have approved thousands of Gun and Ammo Dealers to Accept Credit Cards. We are 2nd Amendment Friendly and work with some of the largest software and equipment vendors in the Industry. ETI has over 30 Years’ Experience, and has helped Thousands of Merchants. We are Confident ETI is the right choice for you as your Merchant Account Provider. Our Technology, Bank Card Network, and Industry Partnerships makes us one of the Leaders in Bankcard Systems Nationwide.

Politically Incorrect

Dealers who sell or manufacture firearms have a tough time finding a Merchant Service Provider. If they do find someone the rates and fees are generally very high. It’s been even more difficult for E-Commerce merchants.

Ecommerce gun stores also bear extra discrimination from payment processors since they’re considered even Higher Risk. Handling card-not-present deals in this environment has been difficult for most companies. Chargebacks, legal issues, high dollar tickets, and clashing points of view on policy, have made many merchant account providers to drop gun dealers.

Operation Choke Point may have ended at the federal level but it is still alive and well with-in most processing banks.

 The Good News

Electronic Transfer takes a much more aggressive approach to the industry. We take pride in our experience offering Quality, Cost-Effective Merchant Solutions to the Firearms Industry.

According to the 2017 Firearms and Ammunition Industry Economic Impact Report published by the National Shooting Sports Foundation, the gun and ammo industry:

  • Produced 30,000 new employment opportunities in the previous three years.
  • Uses over 141,000 people as well as an extra 159,623 in ancillary markets (businesses that supply services or products to merchants who make, market or distribute weapons and/or ammo, plus any kind of that rely upon this market for the mass of their sales).
  • Pays sizeable government as well as state taxes on the items it sells. Ex: 3.8 billion in government company taxes, 2.7 billion in state taxes, and also 838 million in import tax taxes in 2016. Much of the tax obligation earnings fund wildlife conservation initiatives. The Pittman-Robertson excise tax obligation is one instance and also funds searching education programs, environment repair initiatives as well as other tasks.
  • All at once, was accountable for over $51 billion in a yearly financial task, a 168% increase given that 2008.

Whether you’re a gun merchant, ammo manufacturer, the proprietor of the shooting variety or any vendor involved in the firearms market, we can personalize a payment processing package that fulfills your distinct needs.



We Provide

Retail Stores

Accept all major credit cards, debit cards, and Apple Pay. NFC and WiFi terminals available.

Mobile Payments

Increase sales, process from any smartphone, secure and encrypted processing.

Gun Shows

Free Virtual Terminal, Free Fraud Prevention, Free 3-DES Encryption, 2nd Amendment Friendly.

No Obligation Application

We don't suck you into long contracts, but we know you will stick with us because we understand customer service. Let's talk about how we can help your business.

No Long Term Contracts

All of our contracts are offered as month to month contracts. This way you have the freedom to try us without the headache of a long term contract.

Top Rate Security & Encryption

With the number of risks when it comes to taking credit cards. You can have piece of mind that we have top of the line security to protect your clients information.

With a firearms vendor account with Electronic Transfer, you don’t have to work out for high purchase prices, outdated tools, as well as surprise charges, generally exploited by other service providers. Incorporate a repayment service made with your service in mind.

If you have any questions about FFL dealer merchant services please feel free to ask us!

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