What Payments Does a Taxi Card Reader Accept?

What Payments Does a Taxi Card Reader Accept?

Taxi businesses nationwide are in constant competition with one another. From securing the most innovative technology to improving customer service to advertising their perks and benefits, most taxi companies strive to make travel more convenient for their passengers.

However, your convenience and hospitality can rely on the type of payments you accept upon reaching a passenger’s final destination. If you chose to eliminate the inconvenience of cash transactions, what payments does a taxi card reader accept? To learn more, continue reading below.

Credit and Debit Cards

At the time of their introduction, credit and debit cards seemed like a sneak peek into the future of processing transactions, almost replacing cash.

You’ll need to have a stable internet connection to process debit and credit card payments; fortunately, most card readers offer mobile connectivity.

Customers have three options to choose from when paying upon arriving at their destination. They can swipe their card through the magnetic strip reader, insert their card through the chip reader, or tap the card over the POS machine.

Digital Wallets

As a move that further innovates the payment process, contactless and mobile payments are another option accepted by card readers. Contactless payments are achievable through all major credit and debit card providers.

Digital wallet payments are similar to hovering a card over a card reader. If a passenger possesses a wallet in their phone containing digital versions of their card, they hover or tap the phone on the POS machine, initiating the fund transfer process.

The Benefits

In an age where speed and efficiency go hand in hand, accepting card and digital payments benefits taxi businesses nationwide. Using card readers may facilitate the payment process and allow you to access your income almost immediately.

Knowing what payments a taxi card reader can accept is fundamental when selecting the best machine for your business. To make the task less daunting, consider contacting us at Electronic Transfer.

We work with merchants to provide taxi card payment systems that can streamline business operations and place you ahead of your industry.