Taxi and Limo Credit Card Processing

Taxi & Limo Credit Card Processing

iPhone credit card terminal, android credit card terminal and wireless terminals

Many taxi and limo commissions are getting with the times and requiring vehicles to accept electronic forms of payment. Businessmen dashing to a meeting, tourists flocking to the latest attraction and people heading home from bars and events are now able to pay for their cab or limo with plastic. Many cabs and limos are now installing credit card machines in the back for customer use. In areas where it is now a law that cabs accept electronic payment, the rule is even written into the customer’s bill of rights posted in the backseat.

Advances in technology have made it easier than ever to shop via credit card or debit card, virtually eliminating the need to carry cash. Cash is easy to lose and offers no security if lost or stolen. That’s why many people now carry less than $10 in cash and change in their pockets. In fact, it has become so commonplace that cash is not necessary that when suddenly confronted with a business that does not take credit or debit forms of payments many customers are thrown for a loop and left without another easy payment option.

Some taxi and limo workers, however, have been disillusioned with the new rules since many taxi and limo credit card processing companies charge huge fees to use their services. This can lead to disgruntled employees and inconvenience to customers who get into a cab planning to pay by credit card as posted but later told the machine is broken or unavailable because the vehicle’s operator doesn’t like the fees. The fees are not allowed to be passed on to the consumer and minimum fares are not allowed to be imposed on the passengers either. Think of it this way, if the fare is low to start with then deducting another 5% or so off the profits makes the transaction almost worthless to the driver. Minimizing the difficulty and costs associated with electronic transactions is very important.

Using the taxi card payment systems of Electronic Transfer Inc. can make the transition easier and more cost-efficient. They offer services for all major credit cards with a very low startup cost. In fact, many of the startup costs associated with other transaction company have been waived or eliminated by Electronic Transfer Inc. There is simply no comparison between their costs and the competition.


Using taxi and limo credit card processing from Electronic Transfer Inc. can increase your revenue and widen your customer base. As people move away from using cash and carrying it less often, you will lessen the risk of being stuck with a passenger unable to pay the fare. People paying by credit card have been known to spend more money per transaction. Now Electronic Transactions Inc. has made it even easier for taxis and limos to accept credit and debit cards with mobile payments made by iPhone, Android or other smartphones. Mobile payment is the fastest growing payment option in electronic payment popularity.

The Better Business Bureau gives Electronic Transactions Inc. an A+ rating. They have been in business since 1989 and have serviced thousands of clients. Increase the power of your business today by choosing to accept credit and debit card payments.

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