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It is a must for every organization to have an Internet Merchant Account to accept payments online. Various credit card processing companies offer the required software to run and maintain such accounts.

Merchants need to have a Business Checking Account (in the US) in order to accept credit cards. Business owners need to have a US Social Security Number. Most Processors also want to see a copy of the State Sales Tax Number. Not only do most states require this before the merchant starts to do business, but this also captures or registers the business DBA name for the merchant so that no other business in that state can use that business name. Some local banks do not offer Merchant Account services. Some require that the merchant has been in business for two years. Some banks only consider good credit. There is another option for these Merchants. Approves Home Based, Business Start-Ups, Problem Credit, FFL Dealers, Internet, Mail Phone Order, Info Merchants, Catalog Merchants, almost any legal business is considered for approval.

Most Banks only offer Card-Swipe terminals because they are the most popular. Internet Merchant Accounts and Merchant Accounts for home-based business are the most difficult to get approved. Also if your business is under two years old many banks have the policy to decline those Merchant Account applications.

Electronic Transfer, Inc. has been very successful in working with business start-ups helping them to get set-up to Accept Credit Cards from their customers. A Merchant Account is the most valuable business tool a new merchant can have because it makes doing business with them easy.

An Internet Merchant Account can Increase a small business as much as 400% by allowing them to sell their products or services over the Internet. It is like moving or changing your business location from an un-traveled side street to a busy intersection with thousands and thousands of cars driving by every day. Don’t hide from your customers. Make it easy to do business with you.

The Internet Merchant Account is the second of the three layers that exist between a customer and the organization. The first and last layers are the payment gateway and the website respectively.

The Payment Gateway completes the initial process like screening the credit card, registering its details, the product ordered, accepting the customer billing information and the necessary validation. This Payment Gateway subsequently transfers all these details to the Merchant Bank Account along with the payment downloaded in an electronic format from the credit card.

To enable this transaction, the website selling the product or engaged in web-based business should be integrated with a Secure Payment Gateway. The Payment Gateway transfers the Bankcard Payment information securely to the processing bank (the Merchant Account). Without integration, an electronic transaction is not possible.

Information about Internet Merchant Accounts can be obtained from the internet as well as the banks offering such services. These banks also advertise this service on the internet since it is one of the most popular payment options for E-Commerce Websites. We recommend because of their 23 years’ experience and A+ Rating with the BBB. They offer the Merchant Account and the Secure Internet Payment Gateway through Fast Charge works with hundreds of different shopping carts and does Free Fraud Screening. Most Gateways charge extra for these features. Fast Charge come with a Free Virtual Terminal for manually entered sales. Fast Charge also does Recurring Billing which saves hours of wasted time for merchants who charge their customers a Monthly Recurring Fee. ISP’s, Karate schools, Monthly School Tuition billing, Website Memberships, etc..

Credit and Debit Processing

Non-cash payments are on the rise each year. More and more consumers prefer to pay for goods and services using a credit card. merchant account services International can offer your business the ability to process all major credit cards including Visa, MasterCard, Discover, and American Express. In addition, we also offer the ability to accept signature and PIN-secured debit transactions. Make sure that you are keeping your business competitive in today’s business environment by offering credit cards as a form of payment to your customers.

Gift Card and Loyalty Solutions

Gift Cards are one of the most efficient and least expensive ways of advertising your business. They are also more secure than paper gift certificates because they cannot be easily duplicated. merchant account services International is able to offer gift cards that can be tailored specifically for your business with a custom logo and design. Any dollar amount can be assigned to a gift card. The cards are reloadable and can be tracked electronically. Since a gift card can only be used at your store, they are the currency for your business only. A gift card program will help you increase your foot traffic and revenue, gain new customers, and retain your current customer base.

E-commerce Solutions

Want to be able to accept credit cards on your website? merchant account services International can provide you with the merchant account and the tools needed to accept those online transactions. We are compatible with most E-commerce gateways and we are an authorized re-seller of, which is one of the most popular gateways on the market. Your customers will be able to log onto your website, select a link that will send them over to a secure site, type in their credit card information, and submit a transaction. merchant account services can offer your business a full E-commerce solution.

Electronic Check Conversion

A merchant account services International offers both Verification and Warranty Electronic Check Acceptance (ECA) Programs that will make accepting checks easier and more secure. Electronic Check Acceptance will streamline your check acceptance process by turning each check into an electronic transaction and depositing it into your bank account, just like a credit card! It eliminates the soft costs involved with unnecessary trips to the bank, and with our Warranty Program, guarantees that you get your money. Checks are still an important form of payment in today’s business environment, and Electronic Check Acceptance will help you process them in a more secure and efficient manner.

Wireless Payment Solutions

Are you in need of accepting payment from your customers outside of your office? merchant account services International has a wireless solution for you. Our portable wireless terminals allow merchants to accept payments from their customers at any location. These terminals do not require a phone line or a power cord. Using a wireless terminal is not only more convenient, but it can also lower your cost of doing business by allowing your transactions to clear at a Qualified rate.

High-Risk Merchant Accounts

Having trouble obtaining a merchant processing account? A merchant account services, we welcome all merchants! We are able to offer our services to clients all over the world that conduct business in such areas as High-Risk Media/Entertainment, Travel, High Volume E-commerce, and Multi-Level Marketing. merchant account services are committed to providing excellent service, great products, and fair pricing not only to traditional businesses but to non-traditional businesses as well.

Third-Party Merchant Accounts

Third-Party Credit Card Processing is a merchant’s alternative to having a direct merchant account for processing online credit card transactions. In a Third Party Processing scenario, the merchant does not have their own individual account. They are outsourcing their credit card processing to a Third Party Provider. Customers can be redirected to the Third Party’s payment website via a link on the merchant’s website. Funds are then transferred directly from a customer’s credit card to the merchant’s bank account. This is a great solution for merchants that are just getting started with their business. Third-Party Merchant accounts are easy to set up and maintain. In some cases, they can be less expensive than a traditional merchant account.

Multi-Currency Conversion

Multi-Currency Conversion is becoming increasingly important in today’s global business environment. As international customers spend abroad, they are often shopping with a currency that they are unfamiliar with. It can sometimes be difficult for the customer to know what the total charge will be to their credit card for a purchase. This situation can increase a merchant’s risk of having a chargeback. merchant account services’ Multi-Currency Conversion Product allows merchants to overcome these currency barriers and ultimately decreases their risk of chargeback.

International Acquiring

A merchant account services International processes credit card transactions for merchants all over the world. We can help multi-national corporations streamline their operations by consolidating their payment processing to a single provider. This means fewer headaches for a merchant when it comes to reporting and back-office functions.

ACH Processing

A merchant account services’ ACH Processing allows merchants to debit a customer’s checking the account for payment of a good or service. Our merchants have the ability to make this process automated and setup for time increments of their choosing.

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