Micr Check Reader

Featured Check Card Readers And Imagers

  • MagTek MICRImage Readers provide digital check imaging with a small footprint. MICRImage is essential for Check 21 Plus and eGold programs. There are two different models of MagTek MICRImage readers:
    • MagTek MICRImage with Modem – Features reliable modem technology with easy configuration and dependable image transmission. Certified with the following terminals:
      • VeriFone Vx 510/ 570 and Omni 3730 / 3740 / 3750
      • Hypercom T4100 / T4205/ T4210 / T4220
      • Nurit 2085 / 8320 / 8400
    • MagTek MICRImage with Ethernet has broadband internet connectivity and captures the check details and images accurately to process transactions in a few seconds. This check reader is certified with the following terminal:
      • VeriFone Vx 570


  • MagTek Mini-MICR Reader:A resourceful and reliable solution for practically any point-of-sale terminal on the market today. They are compatible with nearly every terminal and can be easily configured with a configuration check. The configuration check differs from one terminal type to the next. Certified with following terminals:
    • Hypercom T7 series
    • VeriFone Vx and Omni series
    • Nurit 2085/ 8320 / 8400


  • RDM ec6004i/ec6014f Imagers provide digital check imaging with a unique footprint. The RDM is a plug and play check imager that does not require configuration checks. RDM scanners capture the MICR information as well as the check image. The MICR information is transmitted through the card terminal’s modem to a check authorization service that enables the electronic conversion of checks with the EC6000i series of imagers. The RDM Imager must be connected to a phone line (independent of the line used by the point-of-sale terminal) s that the images can be uploaded to the archive. This imager is certified with the following terminals:
    • Hypercom T7 series, T41xx and T42xx series
    • VeriFone Vx and Omni series
    • Nurit 2085/ 8320 / 8400


Featured Mini Check Card Reader

MagTek mini check card readers provide a low-cost solution for swiped card transactions using your PC solution. Powered through the keyboard port, a dual-color LED light indicates accuracy in performance. Multiple port options are available: USB, Wedge, RS-323, and TTL.

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