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Here Is A Small Example Of Some Sites That Have Recently Featured Our Merchant Account Services:

  • The Press Enterprise
  • Mercury News
  • The Boston Globe (boston.com)
  • 11 ABC News(C)
  • Charlotte Observer
  • Houston Chronicle
  • UPI
  • Pasadena Star-News
  • 6 ABC Action News(C)
  • CIO
  • The Press-Telegram, Long Beach, CA
  • The Albany Times Union
  • The Wichita Eagle
  • Inside Bay Area
  • RCR Wireless
  • The Daily Record
  • The News Tribune
  • WABC-TV – ABC 7(C)
  • The Columbus Dispatch Online
  • The Daily Herald
  • Star Telegram
  • Lexington Herald Leader
  • San Francisco Chronicle
  • CBS 2 Chicago
  • The El Paso Times
  • International Business Times
  • The Star Tribune
  • The Sun News
  • The Columbus Dispatch
  • The News and Observer
  • WRAL
  • Securities Industry News
  • The Street Insider
  • The Olympian
  • The Daily Breeze
  • The Oklahoman
  • The Sacramento Bee
  • Banks.com
  • Beyond The Down
  • BioMed Reports
  • Business InsuranceThe Daily News, Los Angeles
  • Alamogordo Daily News
  • The Times Union
  • American Public Media online
  • Anchorage Daily News
  • Nexstar Broadcasting Group, Inc.
  • Belleville News-Democrat
  • The Bellingham Herald
  • OptoIQ
  • Bio Space
  • Black Enterprise
  • Boston Merchant Financial, Inc
  • Restaurant News
  • Bradenton Herald
  • Rockford Register Star
  • CBS 11 TV Online
  • CBS 4 News
  • World Now
  • Centre Daily Times
  • Connect 2 Utah
  • Anchorage Daily News
  • NewsDay
  • Cablevision / Optonline / Optimum
  • Minnesota Public Radio
  • Cluster Stock Business Insider
  • Sign On San Diego
  • Miami Herald
  • PaidContent.org
  • SocialPicks.com
  • Genetic Engineering News
  • World Net Daily
  • 1510 KFNN Money Radio
  • HPC Wire
  • Idaho Statesman
  • INFO Stor
  • FreeZe.com
  • Inside Metals
  • The Island Packet
  • KABC 7
  • Kansas City Star
  • Ledger-Enquirer.com
  • Light Reading
  • Macon Telegraph
  • Market Intelligence Center


Merchant Account Service

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A merchant account service is a type of bank credit card processing or debit card processing merchant account that allows businesses to accept credit card payments by payment cards, typically debit, check or credit cards. A merchant account service is established under an agreement between a merchant to accept or and a merchant acquiring bank for the settlement of payment card transactions. In some cases a credit card payment processor, independent sales organization (ISO), or merchant service provider (MSP) is also a party to the merchant account agreement. Whether a merchant enters into a merchant services agreement directly with an acquiring bank or through an aggregator such as PayPal, the agreement contractually binds the merchant to obey the operating regulations established by the credit card processing card associations.

Online Payment Gateway

An online payment gateway is an e-commerce service that authorizes payments for e-businesses and online retailers. It is the equivalent of a physical POS (point-of-sale) terminal located in most retail outlets. A merchant account provider is typically a separate company from the payment gateway. Some merchant account providers have their own payment gateways but the majority of companies use 3rd party payment gateways. The gateway usually has 2 components: a) the virtual terminal that can allow for a merchant to securely login and key in credit card numbers or b) have the website’s shopping-cart connect to the gateway via an API to allow for real time processing from the merchant’s website.

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