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Credit Card Payment Processing for Government Agencies

Our government clients include federal, state and municipal agencies, including treasurer’s offices, police departments, sheriff offices, correctional institutions, probation departments, county clerk offices, judge, Utilities, Child Support, Public Assistance, Child Welfare, Tax and Revenue, Healthcare & Home Health Agencies, Labor & Employment, Transportation and other corporate credit card processing.

Credit Card Processing Activities.

Government agencies utilize our payment processing services for a variety of needs, including the payment of traffic citations and parking tickets, child support, court fine payments, property tax payments, and bail payments.

Service fees are charged only to the cardholders electing to use the payment options and are fully disclosed in accordance with card association rules.

Reasons for opening a government merchant account – credit card services are many and varied. Here are some of the more prevalent:

1. A government account can equip you with key equipment that will make your job easier and more efficient. For example, you can have a credit card processor installed, sometimes at no cost, and pay just a few cents for each customer transaction. Or you can arrange a deal whereby you pay a small percentage of all credit card transactions your company accepts. For a minimal fee, you may soon be able to multiply profits while reducing costs typically associated with hiring employees to manage cash purchases.

Our Internet Tokenization based credit card processing environment means no cardholder information is kept on your system. This virtually eliminates your agency’s need to comply with cardholder security rules.

2. These accounts can make doing business with your company easier and more convenient. Customers won’t have to worry about stopping by the bank or writing a check to get cash before visiting your establishment, nor will they have to pay ATM fees to withdraw cash. They can simply pull out a credit card with confidence, knowing that you can quickly process payment without the hassle of making a change or opening a check-cashing account.

3. They can put you ahead of others in your area who conduct similar business but who do not yet have a merchant account or its accompanying advantages. If customers have to choose between two companies for shopping or service, they are more likely to choose the one that provides credit card processing as a payment option, along with other professional services that build trust in the company’s vision.

4. A government business merchant account can offer the first step toward leading your business into the future. After implementing a credit card processor, for example, you may later decide to offer government processing options, which will provide your customers with even more options for doing business with your company without the need for staff to manage every telephone call, order, or payment. You can cut operating costs and increase profit margins when you expand your business to include customer-friendly automated technology.

Payment processing solutions for government constituents delivered by Government Services means more flexibility, more revenue from increased collections, fewer checks returned for non-sufficient funds, reduced customer waiting time, lower billing costs, improved financial report generation and forecasting, and increased employee productivity due to multi-user level access for staff.

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