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In recent years, gun sales in the United States of America have increased massively. Many businessmen saw this opportunity to invest and decided that they would start selling firearms. If you sell your guns in a gun shop, or a gun convention? It would be important to sign up for a FFL credit card processor.

What is FFL and what does it stand for?

FFL stands for Federal-Firearm License. It is a certificate that is issued by the Bureau of Alcohol, Tobacco, Firearms and Explosives (ATF) that enables individuals at a company to engage in a business about the manufacture, importation, and interstate/intrastate sales of firearms and ammunition. To sell guns it is a legal requirement from 1986 to have an FFL certificate in the United States of America.

The Federal-Firearm License or FFL has been intended for organizations in the business of dealing, manufacturing, collecting, and importing ammunition as well as firearms. Every employee of the organization must be registered as a responsible person on the license issued to the company.

If you want to obtain an FFL license you need to apply to the Bureau of Alcohol, Tobacco, Firearms, and Explosives (ATF) via the Federal Firearm Licensing Center (FFLC).

FFLC conducts the test of the application and provides supporting materials which includes fingerprint cards and supporting materials. If it is approved the IOI (Industry Operation Investigation) from the nearest ATF office to the applicant will interview to check if you are eligible to have an FFL license and if you meet the state requirements to own gun business.

For your business:
IF you want to start selling your guns you should own a merchant account. Since selling guns is a high-risk business, you should know what a high-risk business is.

A company is considered a high-risk business if it has a high failure rate and is in a high-risk industry. High-risk business often gets fewer facilities such as merchandise accounts, financing, and insurance. It’s very hard to get approved for a high-risk business the best way to get approved is listed below.

How to get approved for high-risk business:

Do your research:

You need to find a merchant provider, who will send you the type of product you need. And to know what type of payment processing you need. Many credit card processor providers are waiting for you to sign up.

Before you sign up:

  1. Always check the processor’s website to check if they are truly supporting your industry or not
  2. If they have experience with high-risk merchandises

Once you find the right provider, your business will be a success. In the case of guns, many different companies will offer you the right type of services you need.

Many companies have high fees and different types of the underpayment so you should always ask them. You should ask them if it’s a direct ISO or an undirect ISO, which means if there is a middleman or not.

This should help you find the right type of FFL credit card processor company that would, in turn, make your business successful.

Gun Sellers are getting unlisted:

The increasing popularity of gun selling has increased the popularity of fast payment, such as using credit cards. Many firearms dealers are seeking out to find FFL credit card processors. Unfortunately for most of them right now gun dealers are facing backlashes. The online payment methods such as PayPal have declined for online payment processing for guns. So, what to do now?

Well, it’s best to find a company that supports the 2nd amendment.
So, it’s best to find companies that support the 2nd amendment, here are some FFL credit card processors and their names.

  • EMB
  • Payment Cloud
  • HMS
  • Pay line
  • soar
  • And there are many more that provide these types of services.

Types of Credit card processors:

The fundamental working for most merchandise processing is the same. In the case of firearm processors there are four types:

If you wish to start a shop, then this kind of option is suited best for you.

A mobile merchant account enables businesses to accept credit and debit cards via an attachment to their mobile phones or tablets. It includes a credit card swiper and is most appropriate if you don’t own a shop and would like to sell your guns in a gun show or any form of traditional local selling. This is a better option if you want to get rid of the hassles of documentation of owning a shop.

Virtual Terminal:
It refers to a gateway terminal that can accept payments through business emails, via mail order, or even phone. It can be typed onto a computer for direct access payments. It’s ideal for accepting credit cards over the phone and to get rid of any unnecessary equipment. This type of payment, however, is vulnerable to customer fraud and chargebacks

If you want to sell your guns on your website, this option is the best available for you. As the digital age is growing rapidly most customers would like to buy guns at the comfort of their homes so if you have this type of credit card processor, I think your business will increase tenfold. It uses a payment gateway on the way for other users to enter their details and buy guns.

Note that most banks won’t offer these types of services.

In conclusion, you should know which service to use for your FFL credit card processor and the high risks involved in getting in any type of service.

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