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FFL credit card processing is important because we live in the United States of America and people have the right to purchase arms and protect themselves. Due to growing terrorism, many people are considering buying 2nd Amendment products, and this has started a new market for investors. Now investors can start their very own FFL business. If you want to start an FFL business, you should sign up for the FFL. An FFL is the License that allows you to sell, manufacture or industrialize 2nd Amendment products. If you own an FFL company and are looking to sell them in a shop, or in a trade show than its best to sign up with a FFL credit card processing company that supports your rights. In this convenient day and age, many people are looking for fast payments. One of those payments is credit cards. Credit cards open up a new world of convenience for the consumer and the buyer.

Why you should have FFL credit card processing?

You should have FFL credit card processing company that provides you the tools to increase your business by tenfold. Nowadays it’s not easy for FFL sellers, as FFL sellers are getting blacklisted daily. PayPal and other banks have denied credit card services for FFLs. Because FFLs are considered high-risk businesses.

High-risk businesses:

IF you want to start selling your wares you should own a merchant account. Since selling them is a high-risk business, you should know what a high-risk business is.

A company is considered a high-risk business if it has a high failure rate and is in a high-risk industry. High-risk business often gets fewer facilities such as merchandise accounts, financing, and insurance.


Don’t worry there are still many services out there that consider your business worthy, but before you consider signing up you should know if the company follows the 2nd amendment or not, here’s a list of some who follow the 2nd amendment.

  • EMB
  • Payment Cloud
  • HMS
  • Pay line
  • Soar

There are many more companies that provide services, other than the ones mentioned here in this article.

Before you sign up for any credit card processor, you should which type of service you should sign up for, here’s a list of all the services you get when you sign up with a credit card processor.

Types of Credit card processors:

The fundamental working for most merchandise processing is the same. In the case of FFL processors there are four types:

  • Retailer:

If you wish to start a shop, then this kind of option is suited best for you.

When you get the FFL merchant account you will have the authority to accept payments thought debit or credit cards. They can happen wirelessly or through a traditional terminal credit card

  • Mobile:

A mobile merchant account enables businesses to accept credit and debit cards via an attachment to their mobile phones or tablets. It includes a credit card swiper and is most appropriate if you don’t own a shop and would like to sell your wares in a trade show or any form of traditional local selling. This is a better option if you want to get rid of the hassles of documentation of owning a shop.

  • Virtual Terminal:

It refers to a gateway terminal that can accept payments through business emails, via mail order, or even phone. It can be typed onto a computer for direct access payments. It’s ideal for accepting credit cards over the phone and to get rid of any unnecessary equipment. This type of payment, however, is vulnerable to customer fraud and charge backs

  • Ecommerce:

If you want to sell your wares on your website, this option is the best available for you. As the digital age is growing rapidly most customers would like to buy at the comfort of their homes so if you have this type of credit card processor, I think your business will increase tenfold. It uses a payment gateway on the way for other users to enter their details and buy.

Note that most banks won’t offer these types of services.

When you should sign up?

You should sign up for a credit card if and only if your business has become commercialized. Rather you’re selling on a website or own a shop. If you’re selling as a side-hobby than its best to stick with cash. Many processors include hidden fees and transactions that could affect your earnings. For example, before you sign up you should always ask the processors these types of questions.

  • Does it have a direct IO or an indirect IO?
  • What are the hidden fees I must pay before a sign-up?
  • What facilities are you providing if I sign up for your processor
  • What happens if my business is failing and I want to close my account?
  • Are you approved with the FFL?
  • Who is your processing bank?
  • How long is the approval process?
  • If your account opens, what are the monthly processing caps, and will there be any reserves on your funds?
  • What is your charge bank percentage?
  • And lastly, have you ever had a merchant account shut down before?

These types of questions will help you find out the right type of bank you need before you sign up for a processor. It’s best to check out which type of services you need, the services are mentioned above in the article.

In conclusion, I would advise anyone who sells 2nd Amendment products to sign up for a FFL credit card processor so that his/her business will have more facilities and services to provide for the customer. If you think the payments are high for a credit card processor, well you should also consider the high services and values they provide to your business.

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