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Information on an eCommerce shopping cart

Choosing an online eCommerce shopping cart is a big decision. Unlike a traditional brick and mortar business, your website is your only chance to impress potential customers. It needs to project a professional image to capture the trust of your visitors. The shopping cart is an important part of your website. It deals with people’s personal information and credit card numbers. People are nervous about purchases and need assurance that they are giving their information to a reputable company.
There are several types of eCommerce shopping carts available. They range from merchant services, which need no programming skills, to integrated shopping carts that need custom programming. The three main categories of shopping carts are:
  • Merchant services such as eBay and 2Checkout
  • Hosted shopping cart services
  • Fully integrated shopping carts

Merchant Services

Most shopping carts need you to have your own merchant account and gateway. A merchant account is a bank account that allows a business to conduct credit card transactions and the gateway allows it to conduct the transaction over a secure connection. It’s okay if you don’t have a merchant account or gateway. Merchant service shopping carts allow you to use their merchant account, gateway and a shopping cart for a higher cost.
Merchant services are beneficial for very small businesses or those that are starting and don’t have a lot of orders. The merchant services provide the merchant account, gateway, hosted shopping cart and will maintain your customer’s personal information. They usually need a set-up fee between 50 and 200 dollars, transaction fee between 30 and 75 cents, and 5% to 10% of each transaction. Your customer’s credit card statement will show the merchant services business name, not yours. In some cases, customers will not recognize the charge and may dispute it.
Merchant service shopping carts have an administrative interface. This allows you to log in to your account to add products, prices, and shipping options. The shopping cart generates the HTML for the purchase buttons and you simply copy and paste the HTML into your web pages. When your customer clicks on the purchase button, it takes him/her to another website to enter the credit card information. This indicates to the customer that you are a small business. Some potential customers will abandon the shopping cart rather than enter their credit card information on a website they know nothing about.
Once your business grows to the point where you are processing over $1000 a month, it’s more cost-effective to apply for your own merchant account. You can switch to either a hosted shopping cart (little or no programming) or a fully integrated shopping cart (programming required).

Hosted Shopping Cart

The hosted shopping cart is a great solution for a small business that is processing over $1000 a month. Although, does not have the resources to create or customize an integrated shopping cart. They are like the merchant services because they provide an admin interface for you to enter products, pricing, and shipping options. They will generate the HTML for the sale buttons, which you can copy and paste into your HTML pages.
Hosted shopping carts face some of the same problems as merchant service carts because they transfer your customers to a different website to enter the credit card information. Some hosted shopping carts allow you to customize the shopping cart so that it has the same look and feel as your websites. Customizing your shopping cart may need some programming skills, but it could also prevent customers from abandoning their shopping carts.
If you have any questions about eCommerce shopping cart please feel free to ask us!

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